The Heart Portal to 5D (Feat.Dar Pan)


We stand at the threshold of great dawning 

something deep within life is changing 

an era is ending

and at the very core of creation

something new is being born

we are awakening from a long collective sleep

and in vitro dreaming deep within the womb of our mother earth

now is the time of a great shifting of cosmic wheels which will result in the reformation of our earth

and trigger a radical shift in consciousness


A galactic tidal wave of light is descending upon the earth

activating the highest potential raising the frequency

Reality is being reformed redefined

the activation of new neutral patterns will trigger new perceptions

new information new impulses and the recalibration of DNA

open yourself to these high dimensional frequencies

let go…


Love each other in these coming times

be kind to each other gather in community

share yourself live your dream leave your heart open

open yourself


Be prepared for the challenges to come the dark times of chaos and upheaval

we will experience a dynamic recalibration of electromagnetic fields and earth systems on a global scale


Stay present stay calm and centered

try not to judge what is happening

surrender to the process

hold firm in the knowledge of what is being birthed

the process of birthing is an awesome undertaking

and arduous task often fraught with intensity

stay in the heart stay connected to beloved friends and family

remember that this too shall pass and is a necessary purification

a great purge of all that is not in resonance with what is being born in us

all will be redeemed and reformed in miraculous ways

chaos will become peace and sorrow will become joy 


trust with love


The butterfly is a marvelous demonstration of the power within trust and vulnerability

and in the miracle of metamorphosis

after all what is a butterfly if not the flowering of a caterpillar beyond its wildest dreams

emerging from the womb of the chrysalis the butterfly discards its restrictive silk and shell to inherit a magical new world of flowers breeze and sunshine

a world freedom and delight and the celebration of its divine nature spreading her wings for the first time she has no idea whether she can fly

she simply opens her wings in perfect confidence and is effortlessly conveyed into the spiral dance of graceful flight

and all that then remains is the joyous participation in the divine ecstasy of creation


As you turn your light inward and witness your true nature you become an empty mirror

and go beyond beliefs or doctrines

dissolving the veils the formulas takes form

going or coming we are in the right place

as the veils are lifted we will perceive worlds of unimaginable beauty

self-transforming astral worlds of light will shine down and interpenetrate the density of matter

making it translucent less dense and more permeable to our thoughts and feelings


Multi-dimensional reality and the interconnectedness of all things will be as clear as sunlight

and just as the light is not separate from the sun

and the wave is not separate from the ocean

so shall we realize our connection to the source and recognize ourselves in each other as one vast ocean of love and light


Let the divine recognize the divine

lights will find other lights and as the spark ignites within you

so it will incite in others in majestic radiance of consciousness

and set the world slight in its magnificence

a new world without fear, without war, without greed

in the safe custodianship of an awakened species

manifesting peace with love light and celebration


May the divine mother bless all sentient beings as her children

May the ascended ones bless mankind

May religion be swept away by the revelation of what we are

May the children of the earth understand that this is to be a birthing place of a new humanity

the birthing of a new man utterly discontinuous from the past

released, transformed, metamorphosed into a multi-dimensional being

conscious whole and free


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