A New Vision – DarPan and Temple Step

We live in extraordinary times.
The world is changing at such a rapid rate.
It may soon be unrecognizable to most of us alive today.
There appear to be no linear solutions to the morals, fiscal and environmental crisis we face today.
All attempts to handle these issues with the old mindset are doomed to an awful and protracted failure.
As strange as may seem, it is actually very good news.
These are ideal conditions for the one element which promises a dynamic solution to the insurmountable problems plaguing the planet today –
the radical transformation of Consciousness.
This is the wild card in the deck.
These conditions constitute precisely the right environment needed for radical transformation.
Human consciousness is notoriously asleep when things are comfortable, predictable and “certain”.
Ancient initiation rights always involved facing Unknown and the very real possibility in annihilation.
We find ourseleves at a unique point in the evolution of human consciousness.
A tumultuous time of unprecedented change and transformation
What is being called for is a new vision –
one which embraces co-existence and co-cretion over domination and exploitation.
A quantum leap in the Awareness of how we see ourselves.
As we experience the dissolution of the old order,
it is apparent that many across the world are experiencing a new sense of empowerment,
asserting the desire for peace and respect for all beings.
Millions are experiencing a sense of connection and unification.
This is a planet in transition.
A new earth is being born –
a world nested in loving kindness, justice, peace, and a sense of oneness of unity consciousness.
As this new earth comes into being,
the associated chaos and disorder will pose some major challenges.
Simultaneously, wonderful, new experiences will also be occurring.
People will start to be filled with the idea of Awakening, of joy and freedom.
More and more synchronicity will abound in our lives.
Deep happiness will overflow in our lives at the strangeest times. Sweet peace will steal over us for no apparent reason,
as we feel the Presence of a magnificent Divine Self arising within us.
We are in the process of a very rapid spiritual Awakening.
This shift of Consciousness in the world and in our personal lives has been predicted for a long time by seers, visionaries, spiritual teachers, astrogers and indigenous elders from traditions around the world.
The earth is arriving in a new part of the galaxy, just in the middle of the milky way – 
something that it does every 26,000 years.
Very high frequencies exist in this part of the galaxy,
and these frequencies are being absorbed into the world of matter, catakyzing a vibrational sift to lift and evolve all beings very quickly.
Powerful changes are also occurring with our sun.
Unprecedented coronal mass ejections and high frequency, solar magnetic winds are being released into space and flooding the earth.
The redistribution of electromagnetic fields on the earth will accelerate profound changes in our lives.
This may cause feelings of disorientation, confusion and fear,
as old patterns of negativity and limitation are released
and new, higher energies take hold.
It seems that the way to approach this time transition with balance and ease is to prepare oneself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to remain clear, steady and awake
Many are being called to purpose to assist in ushering this new transformational era of human life.
It is nothing less than a dimensional shift from one modality of consciousness to another,  involving the conscious ingression of higher frequencies into the third dimensional plane.
We are moving towards a new world, a new level of reality in which the consciousness of love, peace and spiritual wisdom will prevail.
Once we have learned how to anchor these higher frequencies
the result will be co-creation of a new earth,
one in which we will live in peace and harmony,
one in which we will experience an all-prevading oneness of the totality of life,
one in which we will respect all sentient beings, where the earth herself will be perceived as our mother.
Fear, hunger, poverty and crime will be made obsolete.
Our natural birthright will be quality, justice, respect and abundance for all.
All beings will awaken to the majestic divine, multi-dimensional beings that we truly are.
Listen to your intuition as your eyes open.



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