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***** thank you, it was lovely. I felt a lot of energy again round my hands and arms, less around my body this time. It might have been cause last time I had noise cancelling headphones on with a healing soundtrack so it was easier for me to meditate. Thank you for arranging it and happy full moon ✨🌕✨


Thank you so much Mari!
I am going though a bit an interesting time where I I’m recovering physically and emotionally. 〜中略〜

Thank your support and motivation!
I’m crying now, not sure if the reiki is making me release something!…
I also made a full moon ritual with some friends online yesterday. We burned our fears and let go of what no longer helps us to fulfil our dreams. It was a good release and with the reiki next day is great. Can’t believe how much I’ve been talking about Japan and my first contact with it is healing and by someone I know. Really unexpected but it means a lot to me! It is actually a singe to get back to reiki and somehow get my artwork there one day! 😉




手作りでランタンのシェード、 作ってみました